F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Why my account requires admin approval and how long will it take?

This website contains the actual wholesale price of all the items we sell, in order to protect the interest of our clients, viewing of some information are restricted to inactive and non-members. If you are interested to transact with us please contact us thru YM or Facebook. Inactive account will be temporarily deactivated.

How do you know if an account is inactive?

Once you stop placing orders for a longer period of time, we'll get in touch with you thru SMS to remind you of your inactivity, failure to response will result to account deactivation.

How much is your minimum amount of purchase?

This only applies for delivery purchases and does not apply for pick-up purchases. For delivery purchase, the minimum amount required is PhP1000.00

How to place your orders?

To place an order just click ADD TO CART on all the items you need then click on CHECKOUT, fill up the billing and shipping details, choose your desired shipping and billing options then click on SUBMIT MY ORDER.

Once we receive your order, our sales representative will validate your orders, update the prices (increase/decrease) if necessary, as well as your shipping cost based on the estimate size and weight of your order. Upon completion of your order, it will be placed on processed status. You will get SMS notification of your order status. Once we receive the payment of your bill, your order will proceed to packaging and delivery. You will again receive SMS notification about the delivery details of your order.

Are your price absolute?

The prices provided herein are based on the last transaction made on our website or shop. Frequently ordered items has absolute price while items that are not sold regularly might be outdated and will be updated as soon as an inquiry is made. Feel free to inquire the current price of our items.

Is there discount on bulk orders?

Yes. For bulk orders, prices can be adjusted accordingly. We valued customers of this type and we will try to MATCH YOUR PRICES as much as we can. To support this kind of customers, we will create a special account for them where the item’s price will be based on the amount we agreed and negotiated.

What if I need something that you don't have?

If you have items in your wish that we don’t have, feel free to inform us about these items thru YM or Facebook and we will try to search and find those items for you with no extra charges. These items will be added in our database for your next and further transactions.